VinCSS FIDO2® Ecosystem

VinCSS provides comprehensive strong authentication products and solutions for

all users comprising SMB to Enterprises and other organizations.

VinCSS FIDO2® Authenticator

VinCSS FIDO2® Authenticator is a physical device that can be used as security key for strong or passwordless authentication. The key is connected via USB port, or support wireless via Bluetooth*, NFC*, and protected by a PIN number or fingerprint scanner.

VinCSS FIDO2® Touch 1 is the touch version of VinCSS FIDO2® Authenticator which is the first strong authentication key by Vietnam achieve the FIDO2 certification issued by FIDO Alliance.

* Bluetooth and NFC version are coming very soon.


VinCSS OAuth2/FIDO2® Server

VinCSS OAuth2 Server is a gateway that helps to deliver passwordless authentication to non-FIDO2 compliant applications with popular OAuth2 service integration.

VinCSS FIDO2® Server is essential component to implement passwordless authentication for applications.

VinCSS has researched and mastered the technology and official build our own version of VinCSS FIDO2® Server, that has been certified by FIDO Alliance, helps VinCSS ranks among the world’s 13 companies with strong authenticator and authentication service.

The server provides web service with API ready to work with any FIDO certified client, fully supports FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F and FIDO2 specifications.

VinCSS FIDO2® Control Center

By moving to passwordless authentication, organizations need consideration in determining if keys management will be in-sourced or outsourced for enterprise.

VinCSS FIDO2® Control Center is a comprehensive integrated solution for centralized authentication for the Enterprise. It combines OAuth2 and FIDO2 server with management GUI for all administration task such as registering keys, remove, update and addressing lost keys for authenticators.

This is dedicated infrastructure that scalable and fully support FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F, FIDO2 specifications.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud Service

Cloud computing has increased over the years allowing organizations to reduce the infrastructure and administrative costs of running systems.

For small and medium business (SMBs), cloud computing has provided distinct advantages with data and applications hosted remotely. Essentially, cloud computing offers key advantages for SMBs: flexibility, scalability, easy accessibility and pay-per-use models.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud is Authentication-as-a-Service, that provides hosted infrastructure ready for SMBs to integrate their applications, thus allowing centralized authentication management, fully support FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F, FIDO2 specifications.


VinCSS FIDO2® Transformation Services

  • Consulting on FIDO2 best practices within the organization.
  • Strategic Planning with relevant departments to deploy passwordless authentication roadmap.
  • Implementation, deployment and integration covering devices, services and infrastructure.
  • Support after deployment.


VinCSS FIDO2® SDK/Library provides developers necessary tools to make their applications support passwordless authentication, protect end users from credential attack.

VinCSS FIDO2® Plugin are small packages that are ready to transform applications to passwordless authentication, improve user experience and protect end users with highest security standard.

VinCSS FIDO2® SDK/Plugin/Library is a must for the digital transformation, allowing any legacy applications migrate to strong authentication and be FIDO2 compliant.

VinCSS FIDO2® Utilities

  • OpenVPN passwordless
  • MS Outlook add-on for Mail Encryption (end-to-end)
  • Gitlab
  • Jira
  • And More…

Specialized Products


VinSmart’s operating system for Vsmart smartphones intergrates with VinCSS FIDO2 to provide three years free license of FIDO2 strong authentication technology meeting industry standards.

Connect to any PCs/laptops running Windows/macOS/Linux operating systems via USB/Bluetooth*/NFC* for the same function of FIDO2 security key.

* Bluetooth and NFC are coming very soon.

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