Passwordless authentication is an inevitable trend supported and promoted by all the major technology companies in the world under the leadership of the FIDO Alliance. To solve the problem of implement passwordless authentication completely, businesses and organizations need a platform and services that are compatible with international technology standards and deployed in a variety of formats at an affordable price to the customer.

VinCSS, a subsidiary of Vingroup JSC, has just launched the passwordless Authentication-as-a-Service under the trade name VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud, which is the first strong authentication cloud service of Vietnam and the last piece of the VinCSS FIDO2® Ecosystem which has focused on research and development in recent times.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud service is an Authentication-as-a-Service platform supporting OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect / SAML 2.0 standards, providing the ability to easily deploy strong, passwordless authentication technology for corporate customers.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud is the first strong authentication cloud service of Vietnam

For enterprise customers with a large number of internal users, numerous applications, providing external products and services (such as banks, insurance, e-commerce providers, super apps, and others…) The service will be provided in the form of a private cloud service or an on-premise system, completely managed by the customer with support services from VinCSS. A private cloud or on-premise service is a Federated Identity Service that supports three federated protocols including OpenID Connect, SAML2, and OAuth2.

For SMBs, startups or groups of users (freelancers, developers) who want to quickly integrate strong, passwordless authentication into small-scale applications for product testing or development, the service will be provided in the form of a public cloud service. It will help customers easily deploy and integrate a strong passwordless authentication service in compliance with FIDO2 standard without having to invest much in infrastructure, human resources and operation. Current public cloud service only supports the OAuth2 protocol.

Mr. Do Ngoc Duy Trac, CEO of VinCSS said: “VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud service was born as the last piece of the VinCSS FIDO2® ecosystem. By launching this cloud service, we are proud to present to the world a completely “Make In Vietnam” technology platform that is developed in compliance with international standards and can fully solve the problem of strong passwordless authentication applications for customers. Beginning now in 2021, we will coordinate with partners and distributors to introduce and bring this technology to customers worldwide.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud service is currently being provided at, customers can effortlessly experience passwordless authentication with three simple steps: Account registration, User management and Integrate strong authentication into applications with support from VinCSS.

VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud service is currently being provided at

On the occasion of launching this service, VinCSS will provide a free Trial package of VinCSS FIDO2® Public Cloud service to the first hundred (100) corporate customers worldwide who register for trial experience(*).

Please contact or visit for more detailed information and support for VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud service and VinCSS FIDO2® Ecosystem.

(*) Trial package conditions: Support up to 20 users, 10 applications and having a trial period of 45 days.