On September 24th, 2020, VinSmart Company obtained FIDO2 certificate from FIDO Alliance for the VOS operating system of Vsmart phones. This inbuilt application will enable strong authentication technology and provided free of charge by VinSmart to more than 1 million Vsmart phone users to eliminate phishing attacks, fraud in the cyberspace and the need to do remote work due to Covid-19.

Through research, development and cooperation between VinSmart and VinCSS Internet Security Services LLC.(member of Vingroup JSC), VOS operating system of Vsmart phone was officially FIDO2 certified by FIDO Alliance in the world after Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows to provide strong authentication experience for users.

Users of Vsmart phones running the updated version of VOS that support FIDO2 can use the fingerprint sensor to activate and use strong authentication key which meets the FIDO2 standard integrated into the VOS kernel for secure password-free login into systems and services that support this standard. The VinCSS FIDO2® application on the Google Play Store, users can use their Vsmart phone as an external strong authentication key (USB) on computers running Windows / MacOS / Linux operating systems to log in. No need password for services of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Ebay, Dropbox, Salesforce, …

Users of Vsmart phones will benefit without the need to buy and carry an external FIDO2 key that supports fingerprints, which would cost up to 50 USD, however can still use the strong authentication of FIDO2 standard which is already integrated in the phone. In addition to the ability to authenticate with the above FIDO2 support services, coming soon users in the enterprise can use this FIDO2 lock feature of Vsmart phones to work remotely (VPN service) extremely securely. via the use of cloud platform VinCSS FIDO2® Cloud will soon launch in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a breakthrough technology in ensuring secure digital conversion, passwordless authentication technology is a strong trend happening globally with high security. re-extremely good user experience and completely eliminating the possibility of users being scammed or being attacked by malicious code is a serious problem globally.

Vingroup’s has three (3) FIDO2 certificates in the last nine (9) months, demonstrating Vingroup’s effort to break through, master and confidently participate deeply in the world’s most modern technology platforms. The units in Vingroup’s technology ecosystem are having specific and practical coordination activities to provide products and services with Vietnam’s own technology to domestic and global markets.