In early May 2020, VinCSS Internet Security Services Co., Ltd. (member of Vingroup JSC) researched and released FIDO2® Client – the first SDK/Plugin/Library support for FIDO2 in Vietnam for the integration of passwordless authentication. According to the FIDO2 standards, this opens the path to bring Vietnam closer to passwordless authentication technology, on a par with other leading countries.

FIDO2® Client is the first open source library in Vietnam for passwordless authentication. FIDO2® Client (Open-source library) consists of library of code using programming language Note.js. This is used to support the development of applications using this language for desktop and integrated with FIDO2 standard passwordless authentication.

Currently, the PIN Protocol (PIN Protocol) is only supported on Windows and Chrome browser on MacOS; and address interoperability issues for other applications if they want to integrate passwordless authentication using PIN Protocol. Therefore, the introduction of the FIDO2® Client open source library is the key to solving the missing components when developing applications on MacOS and Linux operating systems that require integration for passwordless authentication according to FIDO2 standards for PIN Protocol.

Passwordless authentication is the direction of the world toward strong authentication, the FIDO2® Client as a driving force for cybersecurity industry, supporting those organizations who want to enable their applications to be FIDO2 compliant in the shortest time and save on development costs when developing applications on Node.js language.

With the initial goal of building FIDO2® Client, VinCSS wants to develop internal passwordless authentication applications to enhance information security for businesses and the group. This not only for internal deployments, however VinCSS also announced the FIDO2® Client to the community to facilitate further development of future applications, demonstrating its role as the leader in promoting and leading the Vietnamese cybersecurity startup community to actively produce world-class quality cybersecurity products and solutions.

VinCSS has been developing strong authentication ecosystem with Vingroup, and certified for the their Authenticator (authentication key), Server (authentication server), Open-source Library (Open source library ) based on FIDO2 standards. Moving forward, VinCSS will focus on integrating traditional desktop software with closed source code to support passwordless login, to further strengthen the goal of bringing the entire system of Vingroup to passwordless login by providing more comprehensive and robust protection for the Group’s information systems.

Details of the FIDO2® Client are fully posted on Github:

Benefits of organizations using Open Source Libraries for developing of software and applications are:

  • License-free and upgradable versions where product developers can use for free.
  • Lowers costs and requires less researching time
  • Reduces dependence on software vendors thus improving quality
  • Improve your security of your data when using open source and less software vendors
  • Enhanced security with vulnerabilities in software developed on open-source platforms will be easier to detect faster than proprietary software.
  • Bigger support community with less dependency on any company.