On March 9, 2020, VinCSS Internet Security Services LLC. (member of Vingroup JSC) achieved the FIDO2 certification for VinCSS FIDO2® Server, issued by FIDO Alliance.

Thus, in three (3) months after meeting the FIDO2 standard for strong authentication key the product VinCSS FIDO2® Touch 1 Authenticator was released. Hence VinCSS continues to research and develop successfully strong authentication server; VinCSS FIDO2® Server meets FIDO2 standards and is one of the few companies in the world to both own a strong authentication key and FIDO2 authentication server, towards forming a comprehensive ecosystem for strong authentication.

Comparing to other big technology companies, and becoming one of ten (10) technology companies in the world to both own a strong authentication key and a strong authentication server that meets FIDO2 security standards, VinCSS is embracing comprehensive technology and clearer affirmation in the position as a leading technology corporation, moving towards in the very near future to fully master the strong authentication ecosystem.

The VinCSS FIDO2 Server is an important component in the ecosystem and is a must for deploying strong authentication according to FIDO2 standards for enterprise applications. VinCSS FIDO2® Server is highly applicable and will be the optimal choice for businesses that want to deploy authentication solutions and actively manage the authentication devices when the provider wants to deploy a strong authentication conversion service to the marketplace. This makes it easier for businesses to operate their authentication systems securely, easily and more efficiently to deal with attacks resulting in data theft, the most important asset of all businesses.

With a successful FIDO2-compliant strong authentication server, VinCSS will be the pioneer in Vietnam opening the market to provide strong authentication conversion services to businesses in both infrastructure and technology, especially institutions in the banking and finance sector; create momentum to soon reach out to provide services to domestic and global markets.

After the authentication key and strong authentication server, VinCSS will continue to research and develop the SDK package to support the development of strong authentication for the technology community. SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of pre-programmed platform code that helps developers to integrate into their software/applications, and can develop their own support and provides strong authentication for the user. Thus, in the very near future together with the SDK package developed and provided by VinCSS, the platform service providers in Vietnam will be able to quickly approach to move toward a strong trend in authentication technology thus dynamically improving the security of their own products and services, preventing all forms of attacks through security exposures.

In parallel, in their roadmap to be the leader of the strong authentication ecosystem, VinCSS will also continue to research and launch a FIDO2 standard application integrated running on both Android and iOS operating system. This will provide strong authentication at high level of security, and more importantly giving customers a variety of options at a competitive cost.

With a defined specific development strategy , VinCSS is drastically acting, researching and developing with the goal of soon reaching the top five (5) companies worldwide with a comprehensive ecosystem of strong authentication; diversified products and services in all markets, covering all aspects of strong authentication, providing better security experiences for customers in the digital age.

*** FIDO2 authentication standard is the secure method of user authentication today. FIDO2 aims to eliminate the difficulty of remembering too many passwords for end users, eliminating the risk of phishing attacks, network attacks that take up accounts. FIDO2 has been supported on all popular browsers, products and services of major providers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Huawei … FIDO2 is becoming a transformation trend at a global level, with an ever-increasing number of users.